Having lived 40 years as a professional musician after graduating with a degree in anthropology/archeology, it never left me, that passion for our human history, our unique journey as a species on this planet.  It is hard for me to imagine my life without music.  But it is also impossible for me to not see myself as part of the human experience.

You may feel the same way as well.  I think we all want to know how it all fits together and where we fit into the picture.  I think for many of us, music and the arts help define where we view ourselves in the larger scheme.

I have come to believe that sharing our views and thoughts on these things is what brings us hope…like the hope at the bottom of Pandora’s Box.  Expression through the arts can be very connecting… and I have had a very fascinating career as a composer/guitarist. But recently, I have begun to teach–as a volunteer at first–and now as a professional teacher, and the rewards of encouraging young people to get excited about their personal human journey–as well as their part in the larger human experience–feels more moving than perhaps anything I have done as a musician.

Perhaps our brave new digital world will enable us to share the journey more fully, more democratically, more empathetically and share it with our children and eachother.  I have begun to believe that it begins with communication. Music is the form of communication that I have most often used in  my life time.  But their are myriad others.

Now I have chosen to blog as well. I’d like to start a conversation with you.

I am excited to hear what everyone out there is thinking.

Ken Mazur


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